That's me. On Manly beach near Sydney.

That's me. On Manly beach near Sydney.

See as much of the world as possible without quitting your job.

Everyone knows someone who's quit their job to embark on some kind of multi-month continent-hopping adventure. In my case that's Charli and Oli. They decided to spend the last year on their motorbike riding from the UK to Australia. Not that I'm jealous.

But what if taking a year off from work isn't an option? Well I think you can have almost as much fun by making the most of the time you already have away from work. 

And that's why this blog exists. I want to show you how you can make the most of weekends and short trips.

I often travel with my partner, Joe who writes about the food we eat on our travels.

When I'm not travelling, I work at Redgate - you can find out more about what I do at